Conrad Growth Policy

This is the growth policy for the municipality of Conrad. A growth policy is a comprehensive plan or master plan. This growth policy conforms to the requirements set out in Montana state law (76-1-601 through 76-1-606, MCA).

Conrad prepared a comprehensive plan in 1971 and updated it in 1978. At the time the plan was updated, Conrad had a city-county planning board and the planning jurisdiction included the city and a 4.5 mile area around the city.

Many things have changed since 1978. Many of the objectives in the 1978 plan have been achieved. The 1978 comprehensive plan update projected significant population growth, but the reality is that population has declined since then. The city-county planning board was eventually replaced with a planning board for the incorporated area of the city. The state laws for planning, zoning, subdivision, and other land use mechanisms have also changed since 1978.

This growth policy document was initiated in 2009 by Conrad, Valier and Pondera County. The three jurisdictions identified growth policy committees to begin the work. In 2010, Cossitt Consulting was hired to provide technical assistance in preparing the growth policy. The three jurisdictions continued to coordinate but each has a separate growth policy corresponding to their jurisdictional planning areas.


This growth policy consists of five main parts:



This section describes the overall purpose of the growth policy and the process used to create it. It describes the planning area boundary.


This section provides a summary of the existing characteristics and projected future trends for Conrad. It includes a short summary of the history of Conrad and discussion of land use, population, housing, economics, local services, public facilities, and natural resources.


This part includes a vision statement and planning goals, which describe what Conrad will strive to be in the future. It also includes detailed planning strategies which outline specific policies and actions to accomplish the goals. A future land use plan provides a geographic perspective of the desired future of Conrad. The future land use plan functions as the guide for future zoning changes. Conrad Growth Policy – June 2011 vii


This section identifies how the growth policy will be implemented and how it will be monitored, evaluated and revised.


This part consists of several sections that are referenced in or supplement the growth policy:

  • A review of current Conrad zoning and subdivision regulations
  • The detailed information for the Inventory of Existing Characteristics and Projected Trends for Pondera County, Conrad, and Valier
  • Summaries of the various committee meetings and public open houses held as part of the growth policy development
  • Summary of surveys conducted
  • Maps prepared for this growth policy
  • Implementation Checklist – an aid in setting annual goals and for completing the strategies outlined in the plan