Agenda for a Regular Scheduled City Council

Meeting held at Conrad City Hall

tuesday, may 21st, 2019

4:30 P.M.  Claim Signing.

5:00 P.M.  Call meeting to order.

                 Roll Call & Pledge of Allegiance.

                 Read & approve minutes of the May 6th, 2019 regular meeting.

Items for Discussion and/or Action   

 1.  Action on claims.

 2.  Action on any water contracts.

 3.  Public comment (no action taken).

4.  Discussion/Action on Finance Officer Fowler’s April 2019 Finance Report, J.V. and R.V.

Reports and the Combined Balance Sheet.

5.  Discussion/Action on hiring recommendation Pool Manager.

6.  Discussion/Action on Whoop Up requests: Mary Klette, Lions Club, Garden Club, Chamber

and PMC.

7.  Discussion/Action on Jim Greer’s request.

8.  Discussion/Action on request from Amber Strausbauch for adjustment on sewer averaging.

9.  Discussion/Action on request from MH Parks/Jeronimo Cruz for adjustment on sewer


6:30 – Public Hearing on Variance Request from Shane & Cynthia Rauscher.

10.  Discussion/Action on Shane & Cynthia Rauscher Variance request.

11.  Discussion/Action on prices for Swimming Pool for 2019.

12.  Discussion/Action on Swim Team requests.

13.  Discussion/Action on Swim Team Use Agreement.

14.  Discussion/Action on Dispatch Contract.

15.  Discussion/Action on Presumptive Work Comp for Volunteer Firemen.   

16.  Executive session if necessary.

17.  Any other business to come before the Council.

18.  Items to appear on the next agenda.

19.Meeting adjourned.


Request to be on Agenda

All agenda items must be to City Hall by noon on Friday before the meeting.  

Someone may speak at a meeting about a non-agenda item during public comment. The Council can not take action on matters brought up under the public comment period until the item is scheduled on the Agenda for the next meeting. 

Agendas will be posted outside City Hall, outside the Library and on this website. 


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